i believe

I believe in “forever” and “always”

And in friends that stick by your side through the whirlwind of your 18th year and will still scream songs in your jeep as you round your 21st birthday.

In sleepovers spent reminiscing about the time we drove by that boy’s house screaming his name to embarrass you while everyone else died of laughter.

And in those people that will always sit on the other side of the phone for hours even when you’re now cities or even states apart.

I believe in soft spots

In those people that will always make your cheeks get hot when you’re in the same room or when someone says their name.

Or when they say your name…

In those smiles that can melt your insides and end wars

And in those people you’ll always want to fix when they don’t want to fix themselves and whatever it takes is whatever you’ll give

I believe in muses

In that boy that opened you up in every way possible and made you feel a little more alive past midnight

In the pain of seeing him calling another girl baby while you cuddle up to your pillow, still waiting on that reply that will never come

And in allowing yourself the liberty to cry but living, breathing and creating things from your sleepless nights

And I believe in soulmates

In finding comfort in the palm of someone’s hand

In perfect silences and heartbeat songs

And in eyes that make your heart do somersaults against your ribcage

I believe in you

I believe in us


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