Let’s play favorites

I choose you

The thing is, I already know you’re not gunna choose me back and I’m starting to get anxious again

I’m sitting behind the wheel and driving nowhere again

I’m getting restless and distant again

It’s strange how much things change in a year

Dynamics and the way we talk to each other

Or don’t talk

And I’m still scared to go scrolling through social media out fear of seeing that girl again

so I’m avoiding everything again

I’m still playing favorites

I choose you

But let me make it clear that I don’t love you

Well, I know I’m not supposed to

“I’m still your friend” as you would say

Let me tell you it takes a lot for me to not text you again, call you again

Because I want to again

I hate the changing months because they always have me thinking about

“This time last year..”

And nothing and no one is ever the same

There are no “agains” for me

But I still want it all again


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