1st degree

It’s gonna kill you knowing that he’s touching another girl the same way he touched you

And he’s feeding her the same lines he gave you —well rehearsed, naturally rolling right off his tongue before he kisses her time and time again

It’s gonna kill you knowing that he sees her in his future when he had you planning around him—stapling himself into your subconscious reminding you to reserve his spot

He’s touching her mind as he’s touching her thighs…her face, her waist…

Just like you

Just like you

And it’s gonna kill you that he knows that he’s killing you, and does not care. In fact, he’s getting off that you’re dying by his hand—slowly, surely—choking on the words you thought were saving you.

He’s in love with this sight, it seems.

Watching you gasping for air and still calling him for help.

He’s gonna kill you

Because he’s going to take her hand and your love with him and walk the other way…

— J.C.R.


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