What I’m looking for

I’ve been looking for someone that thinks everything I say is gold
Someone that thinks I’m the best thing that ever happened to them

and the worst thing to ever lose

When I’m feeling lost,

A person that makes me feel a little more found

I can’t tell if I need a partner in crime

Or a change of scene

Lately I’ve had moments of missing it 

Getting over something I never had

Need someone new to think about

Write about

I have nothing else to say to you

I just didn’t want to be alone

And you didn’t mind
A part of me wants you to miss me

But the rest doesn’t want you walking back in

And taking whatever you want again
And I’m tired of wasting tears over someone 

That would just look the other way

Never mind wipe them away
There’s a boy out there that thinks

Everything I say is gold

That I’m the best thing to ever happen to him

That says he was lost before I found him
Keep your memories baby,

I have what I need

& so much more
—“what I’m looking for” J.C.R.


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