let me drive

I was not made to be silent

or a pretty ornament on the wall

no, I realized suddenly just how sharp my tongue was and

the power of a simple phrase

yes I have my nights of complete chaos where I’m 4 drinks deep and 

dreaming of what has been and what I wish “would be”

and those nights where I’m ready to click your name and list off the reasons why you were a mistake…


but I was not made to be hateful 

rather grateful 

because without you

I’d just be an ornament on the wall

But I still feel like there are things left unsaid

between you and me

and maybe that’s my own fault

or maybe you’d take the blame

or neither of us have any faults to claim

but I’m retracing all my steps

and rethinking all my words

because driving by the places we used to go really hurts

and I just want you to know

maybe one day I’ll tell you why

I couldn’t just relax

and let you drive

You’d say “you need to not think about it”

but how can I not think with your lips inches from mine

hand on my thigh

heartbeat on a steady incline

and I’m thinking about that boy that broke my heart

while you’re tugging on my clothes…


I still can’t relax

let me drive

please let me drive


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