A lil’ poetry, a lil’ feelings

And out of all the angels, you were my favorite

There’s purity in the words that slip from your mouth. Even if they sit next to the lies 

Your face was immaculately made, though your wings clipped and eyes weary 

but you burned like sun and I willfully would’ve gone blind watching you everyday

laughter like chimes

touch was heaven sent

mind was otherworldly

I fell into the longest daze with you 

I never knew day dreaming like this

every morning hopeful, every night a warm comfortable haze

but apparently, angels can break hearts too. 

through every tear I still saw your halo

I still felt the comfort of your presence

you still glowed as if you fell from the skies that day

you were my favorite you were my favorite

and you are still my favorite…


time travel

I need to get my hands on some serious machines because I’m starting to spend more time asleep than awake.

I’m finding comfort in not feeling anything for hours at a time.

Because let’s be real, it’s exhausting to feel things as deeply as I feel.

Especially if all I feel is loss.

I really need a time machine. It’s starting to show that 10 hours of sleep isn’t enough. It’s starting to show in my eyes and in my voice. I don’t want people to ask me what’s wrong anymore. I know after a while I’ll break composure.

I hope time travel is possible. I don’t want to look for other ways to feel good again. I know I’d do anything to go back to that time. Before all of this I was me. I was whole.

Unless this is me. This is what I was meant to evolve into. Some sort of cross between a ghost and a maniac…

I’m rambling but I’d give it all up to own a time machine. I afraid to say what I’d hand over first. I’m selfish when it comes to the thought of it, but I’m desperate. And I miss it all.

Time is my companion and my enemy. It kisses me on the same cheek that it hits me. I’m bruised by my love but I’d take it any day over the silence.